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How to provide a high level of service even in the library

One noon the team of company iBells got a call. It was a manager of a library speaking. His idea was to equip all the bookshelves that exist in the library with a call transmitter to call the staff when the visitors have questions about one or another book. It would make the stay in the library more comfortable and so nobody would have to walk through the library to find someone who could answer the questions.

The solution was quickly found and the appropriate call transmitter were quickly selected. For staff, the call receivers were taken in the form of a watch so that they would not be tied to one place. Since the library has a large area and is located on several floors, a signal amplifier (repeater) was taken to ensure smooth wireless communication.

The final solution was as follows:

When the button on bookshelf 16 is pressed on the 2nd floor, the staff gets the following displayed on the clock pager: E2R16 (floor2 shelf16). So it is immediately clear where to go.

What iBells offers

Wireless staff call system from iBells is more convenient and simple than any other solution. It is suitable for both large and small premises as it adapts easily.


  • The staff calling system works autonomously. The buttons can be positioned as desired, with no additional wiring required, as they work independently of the power grid.
  • The communication runs via radio frequency. It is free and simple.
  • The buttons can be attached with double-sided tape or screws.
  • Installation and adjustment is quite simple, it is not necessary to get expert help. If there is any doubt, we are always available to provide assistance.