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Craftsmen and Installers

Oha! The vaccination against Corona is finally here!

It is high time to start building the vaccination centers. Many electricians have been assigned to help with the construction.

The lines have to be laid, electrical installations of all kinds have to be made. Among other things, the electrician should get and install a call system, which should enable a smooth vaccination process. The vaccinees should know when it is their turn and to which room they should go by light signals or number displays.

The electricians set out to find such equipment and immediately came across the Berlin-based company iBells, which specializes in staff call systems. Without hesitation, many electricians, including a large electrical company from Germany, have established telephone contact with the company iBells. After a short description of the project stood within few minutes already with the first telephone call several solutions from the competent and friendly team of iBells to the suggestion.

After the end of the conversation, within half an hour several cost estimates with different options and product offers, which were exactly tailored to individual customer requirements, fluttered into the e-mail inboxes. The systems offered were so well put together that the electrical companies placed their orders after only a short time and clarification of a few things on the phone with iBells.

Approximately after three or four days from the receipt of the money, the systems reached their recipients. When they unpacked them, the next positive surprise awaited them: the systems were all already installed, programmed and paired, so all they had to do was attach them and start using them right away. Even though some orders came with over 30 or 40 call buttons, every single button was labeled, which saved a lot of valuable time when installing the system in the rooms. Because everything worked so smoothly, the electrical contractors also ordered other systems from iBells, which also arrived quickly and ready to go.

What iBells offers

Wireless call systems from iBells are more convenient and easier to use than any other solution. It is suitable for both large and small facilities because it adapts easily.


  • The staff calling system works autonomously. The buttons can be positioned as desired, with no additional wiring required, as they work independently of the power grid.
  • The communication runs via radio frequency. It is free and simple.
  • The buttons can be attached with double-sided tape or screws.
  • Installation and adjustment is quite simple, it is not necessary to get expert help. If there is any doubt, we are always available to provide assistance.