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Service Calling Systems

WL-CW7 - Water-Resistant Wireless Watch Call Display

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Weight: 0.04kg
Dimensions: 4.00cm X 5.00cm X 1.20cm

Used together with a call transmitter (call button), the hand pager (signal receiver) WL-CW7 has been developed to receive instant messaging and to improve communication processes.

The waster-resistant wrist receiver WL-CW7 is wireless and works via radio frequency. It has an integrated rechargeable battery, so it only needs to be plugged in to be charged.

The call display is made in a simple way: the led is on when a call transmitter is triggered (the led corresponding to the channel in which the transmitter was paired). The WL-CW7 has 6 channels (leds) and can be paired with multiples transmitters on each channel.


  • Multifunctional
  • Rated water resistance IP65 grade
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Comfortable and removable wrist strap
  • Vibration/ Buzz/ Wink
  • Low battery indicator
Standby current
< 8 mA
Operating time
at least 36 hours with fully charged battery
Digital LED
LED light
Operating frequency
433 MHz
Operating voltage
< 90 mA
Working current
57 mA ± 10 mA (buzzer mode)/ 95 mA ± 10 mA (vibration mode)
Silicone bracelet
Vibration, acoustic signal or both
Operation temperature
-10 - +40 °C
4 keys
Signal receiving radius
up to 100 m (in an open space)
Impact resistant plastic. Water-resistant
Extent of delivery
Pager receiver, instructions, charger
Range extension
possible with a repeater WL-RE01
Power-off current
<50 A
Power supply
integrated rechargeable battery

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