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Care for individual needs

Whether sudden or foreseeable - if a relative becomes a nursing case, life is thrown into turmoil and a cool head is required: What is to be done first?

Unfortunately, it happens very often that the dearest family member is suddenly dependent on home care because of an illness or an accident. In this case, communication between him and other family members is very important. Especially if the person in need of care is in his or her own room. There must be a quick reaction when help is needed and in some cases it is not so easy. Often there are several rooms or even floors in between, so that communication is disturbed or even not possible. Loud shouts from one room to another is not a good solution.

In order to find a solution for this difficult situation, one starts looking for a call system, which facilitates the communication between the person in need of care and other family members or his caregiver, if they are in the other rooms. Quickly one becomes attentive on the company iBells from Berlin. The iBells wireless call systems make an important contribution to facilitating communication between several people who are on different floors in the cases described above - with the right repeater it is also feasible! Thanks to portable call receivers, but also call transmitters, you will always be notified at the right time when help is needed as soon as possible.

What iBells offers

Wireless call systems from iBells are more convenient and easier to use than any other solution. It is suitable for both large and small facilities because it adapts easily.


  • The staff calling system works autonomously. The buttons can be positioned as desired, with no additional wiring required, as they work independently of the power grid.
  • The communication runs via radio frequency. It is free and simple.
  • The buttons can be attached with double-sided tape or screws.
  • Installation and adjustment is quite simple, it is not necessary to get expert help. If there is any doubt, we are always available to provide assistance.