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What does the quality of service in the hotel depend on?

It is important that the guest could:

  • get the administrator quickly at the reception (or the administrator must always be on site);
  • call the doorman to help bring the luggage into the room or out of the hotel;
  • call the maid to the room;
  • quickly make an order in a hotel restaurant, call a waiter to the beach or pool;

How to increase the quality of service?

It's important to think through every detail. For example, allow customers to call the waiter to the table without gestures, facial expressions or voice, or not wait for the porter. To do this, it is enough to install the iBells paging system.

The system consists of a set of devices that work in radio communication:

  • Call buttons
  • Pager and Display panels

Transmit buttons can be placed where you need them:

  • In the room (on the bedside table, in the living room, bathroom or shower).
  • In the restaurant - on the tables.
  • On the beach or next to the pool - by the sun beds.
  • At the reception or next to the entrance - to call the administrator or the porter.

You can also set emergency buttons that will be pressed in case of fire and other emergency situations.

The signal of the button goes to the pager of the person in charge of the room, table or berth, or to the display panel. You can configure the system to send signals to both devices - the display and the pager - simultaneously.

How to save time and money with our call system?

Service organization in hotels is much more complicated than in catering establishments: Maids, porters, administrators and, of course, waiters work together with the customer. Unlike a table in a restaurant, a waiter cannot come into the room without a reason, and a maid has the right to come in only once a day - for cleaning. If a guest wants to order a drink or a dish in the room, they must either call or go to the front desk on their own.

The iBells system will simplify the task. With it:

  • the need to install landline phones is eliminated altogether: you can install a button in the room that only sends signals, or a full-fledged device for voice communication;
  • the guest does not have to constantly leave the room to look for a maid or waiter;
  • an employee can be called from anywhere in the hotel - not only from the room, but also at the reception, in the restaurant, even on the beach.

What iBells offers


  • The staff calling system works autonomously. The buttons can be positioned as desired, with no additional wiring required, as they work independently of the power grid.
  • The communication runs via radio frequency. It is free and simple.
  • The buttons can be attached with double-sided tape or screws.
  • Installation and adjustment is quite simple, it is not necessary to get expert help. If there is any doubt, we are always available to provide assistance.