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Industry and Production

Do you also know the situation, you are standing at a production machine, can't move a step away from it, but you soon run out of material and can't reach anyone who is responsible for replenishment? Or you are standing alone in a production hall, want to call someone for help and don't know how to get your call for help quickly? Or you have loaded the elevator on the lower floor with material and want to inform your colleagues upstairs that the elevator is about to arrive? You can usually do all this with the help of a telephone. But experience shows that more often there is no one available at the other end or the phone has not been picked up. You have to wait a long time for a response or even go through several large production halls to find someone who could help you. All this takes a lot of time and slows down production processes.

iBells wireless call systems significantly reduce this time and thereby improve communication between personnel. For this reason, many large as well as medium-sized production companies have turned to iBells and quickly found a good solution to optimize communication processes. Now, for example, a shift supervisor can be in Hall 10 and, thanks to the display on his hand pager in the form of a watch that he wears on his wrist, know that he is needed immediately in Hall 3. And not only in the hall, but also at which machine or in which department in that hall. Because it is shown on the pager's display immediately after the call button is pressed.

In addition, iBells has solved the following problems of customers with its individual solutions:

A production worker working alone in a closed room with the materials that can easily injure him must immediately inform his shift supervisor, who is sitting a few rooms away from him, about his injury. Even if he is lying on the floor with his injury, he can press the button on the call transmitter that is on his wrist or in his pants pocket. This emergency call signal arrives directly at several stations. Thus, the shift supervisor can move away from his room without worrying about missing the emergency call signal on a fixed display board in his room, because the signal also comes simultaneously to his mobile pager, which he carries with him. He can also get the call signals from other departments on the same pager.

What iBells offers

Wireless staff call system from iBells is more practical and simple than any other solution. It is suitable for both large and small companies as it adapts easily.


  • The staff calling system works autonomously. The buttons can be positioned as desired, with no additional wiring required, as they work independently of the power grid.
  • The communication runs via radio. It is free and simple.
  • The buttons can be attached with double-sided tape or screws.
  • Installation and adjustment is quite simple, it is not necessary to get expert help. If there is any doubt, we are always available to provide assistance.