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Restaurants and Cafés

How to reduce the cost of waiters and improve the level of service

Paradox? Of course not. A small investment is enough, and you can save on serving in restaurants. And not only in restaurants: we have wireless systems suitable for self-service cafés, hotels and even clinics.

Let's consider a simple situation:

A visitor comes to your restaurant. He needs to call the waiter to get a menu, place an order and then pay. How can you do this? If the waiter watches the tables carefully, he can come up himself - see a nod or a waving gesture from the visitor. Unfortunately, employees are usually busy - accepting new visitors, clearing tables, delivering orders. The customer has to look for a free employee and sometimes call with his voice. This does not add to the comfort level. If you are applying for high service, you need to hire additional waiters who can serve everyone even during the busy hours.

Is it possible to find a way out of this situation without hiring additional staff? Of course. All you need to do is to use iBells' wireless calling system.

The system is very simple and cost-effective. It works like this:

There are buttons on the tables of the visitors to call the waiter. To call an employee, the customer just has to press a button - he does not have to search for an employee, go to the counter or shout loudly.

As soon as the visitor presses the button, the signal goes to the waiter's pager. The employee sees not only the call, but also the table that needs to be approached.

Everything works by radio, the signal goes freely through all the premises of the restaurant. The buttons and pagers are equipped with batteries - no wiring is required.

The staff call system is easy to expand. At the reception or at the bar, you can install a display panel, which will show all calls, and in the kitchen - a separate system, which will allow the waiters to pick up the dishes immediately after preparation.

What iBells offers

For catering businesses, the iBells range includes several systems:

The devices can be used not only indoors: They work well in summer pavilions and outdoor areas, even large ones. Moreover, it:

  1. does not require special installation - it is enough to arrange buttons on the tables and distribute pagers;
  2. extremely easy to set up and use - everything takes no more than an hour;
  3. practically maintenance-free;
  4. and the system is quite affordable and will be affordable even for the owner of a small facility.