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Do you run a clothing and shoe store? Get a competitive advantage!

How can you beat the competition and attract more customers to your clothing and footwear business? What if you can't cut prices to the minimum and get great discounts?

There is a solution, and it's very simple. Make your store more convenient for customers. Offer them an excellent service - the help of sales consultants. Organize the work so that, on the one hand, your employees are not intrusive and do not approach every visitor, and on the other hand, provide all the necessary assistance upon request.

Is it possible? Yes! It is enough to install iBells staff call systems. Call buttons in the changing rooms, at the cash register and in departments, few pagers in the hands of the staff - and you will make your store as comfortable as possible for your visitors.

What is the challenge of the buyer and the owner?

The self-service format has become the standard for apparel and footwear stores. Customers are used to being able to select something themselves, try it on, and then take it to the register. However, difficulties arise here, too:

  • if the visitor hasn't found something in the size they need, they can turn around and walk away;
  • customers do not always know exactly what they want and need advice: it is good if the salesperson is nearby and can offer something;
  • the shopper has to bring several things at once to the changing room to choose the size, or constantly change clothes and go into the hall, and this is exhausting;
  • cashiers, security guards, consultants are not always sitting in the place - you have to look for them.

Even large chain stores are trying to optimize personnel costs and reduce the number of employees. What can we say about a small outlet where all the work has to be done by one or two salespeople?

How can the iBells system help?

The iBells wireless calling system was originally intended for food service operations: it helped visitors call waiters without shouting by pressing a button. But it soon turned out that store visitors also face similar problems. And so do the owners.

The call system will help attract customers and increase sales in the store by raising the level of service.

How does the system look like?

The staff calling system consists of at least two elements: Call buttons and pagers. The number of devices and their type depend on the design of the store.

The staff call buttons send a radio signal that goes to the pager (these must be distributed to employees).

A display board can also act as a receiving device.

Call buttons are to be placed wherever they are needed:

  • At the checkout - for shoppers and cashiers. The button for the buyer is placed in a clearly visible place on the counter. If there is no employee at the cash desk, the visitor only needs to press one button and the cashier will come. Two buttons can be placed under the counter - to call the security guard and the administrator.
  • In the cabins - by pressing the button, the buyer can call the employee. He will come and help - take off or put on something, bring a product in a different size, color or style.
  • Right on the floor - employees no longer have to sit in departments all the time - they can do other things. As soon as the shopper needs help, he presses the button and calls the employee.

What iBells offers

The devices can be used not only indoors: They work well in summer pavilions and outdoor areas, even large ones.
What's more:

  1. does not require special installation - it is enough to arrange call buttons and distribute pagers;
  2. extremely easy to set up and use - everything comes ready to use, paired as you wish;
  3. practically maintenance-free;